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Guido- Argentina

Coming from a non-theatre background, having Shirin as a teacher was an intensely positive experience. Throughout the two years she taught me, there was no time in which she would not push my boundaries further. 


There was this time I had to give a speech to present my theatrical piece, but the movements of my feet and arms were taking all the audience’s attention. Shirin, in one of my rehearsals and after telling me countless times to try to control my body movements, jumped to the floor, held my feet and asked me to go on with my presentation. That day I assured myself of how committed she was for the Arts and how much she wanted that love to be passed on to the students. 


Throughout the two years she taught me, I learnt the benefits of consistency and dedication. Shirin always made sure that we would balance both practice and theory, making our classes truly fun and diverse. 

The Winter’s Tale

During The Winter’s Tale I was responsible for the lighting. It was an extraordinary experience where I felt I got valuable insight regarding tech crews in plays. Shirin was always giving room for my opinion, and at the same time she would give me technical advice for good, which is something I truly enjoyed. 

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