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Rodger- South Afrrica

When I moved from South Africa to Armenia in 2016, I did not have an idea of what type of art I would be interested to study in my International Baccalaureate Diploma course. During my explorations, she introduced me to the Theatre Arts subject and helped me develop the passion and love of the subject. Since the first class, she has planted the importance of focusing on the present moment and use myself and my body as my resource to achieve my objectives. During practical classes, she always encouraged us to listen to our instincts, explore ourselves beyond and build our confidence from within. In theory classes, she encouraged professionalism, punctuality and effective communication skills. She changed theatre from a subject to a lifestyle for me because most of her teachings are applicable either in other subjects, or in my daily life encounters.    


The Winter’s Tale

Shirin directed a musical adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale in our school. I was cast as the Mariner who transports Antigonus and the baby to Bohemia. This was the biggest production I have ever performed in, and I received an experience equivalent to that of professional actors in theatre companies. I learned how to approach rehearsals, set design, and how to support my ensemble regardless of its size. This production also aided my creativity because after participating in it, I approached my theatre projects differently. It was not an easy production, however it left me with an impactful experience and confidence in the art.

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