Alexander Harris & Shirin Laghai

Global Education - Local Perspectives - Transformative Vision

Our goal as educational leaders is simple: to empower every educator to achieve their best, so that they, in turn, are able to devote their resources to delivering the highest standard of needs-centered learning for our students.

Unlocking student potential through differentiated learning and classroom creativity has long been accepted as the global standard of best practice. Actively providing educators with similar consideration, care, and support allows them a holistic framework in which they, too, can thrive, as teachers, pastoral carers, administrators, and professionals, applicable within a myriad of diverse contexts.

By implementing models of learning and development that focus on student goals and needs, engaging all stakeholders throughout the process, offering world-class instruction and inclusive supra-curricula, we combine high academic standards with holistic acceptance.


Our unique vision helps build schools that nurture critical thinkers who can understand and empathize beyond primary cultures, while awakening a life-long love for learning within an increasingly interconnected world.

Trust and acceptance is vital in building schools, filled with students and teachers alike who have the integrity to believe, and the vision to impact the world they create.

Combining a comprehensive international insight with in-depth local understanding, our essential-progressivist approach to learning-centered leadership empowers and inspires within an exciting learning environment that allows room for expression and growth, where every failure is just as important as every success.

As well as extensive experience in preparing students for application, examinations and interviews for Oxbridge, the US and leading conservatoires in both England and the US, our students have gone on to succeed at the top Universities in the world, including LSE, UCL, Harvard, Cambridge, Imperial, MIT & Berkley and our skills at motivation and preparation have been utilized by companies such as Pfizer, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. Our students have gone on to work in the West End, Microsoft and the UN and we continue to work with top schools globally help students achieve and exceed their targets.




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